Tara and Joe Mc Givern.

'Basil positively lives for the moment Mary comes to the door. If she stops to talk to me for a few minutes he gets really impatient and throws himself at the car to let us know he wants to go on his walk. It is his time and when he comes back he is totally happy and fulfilled.'


Dr V. Donnelly MD, MRCOG,MRCPI, MM.

'Mary shows a great interest in her work and is one of those people who truly loves what she does. We have found her in the last two years to be completely trustworthy and reliable.'


Vanessa Harford.

' I think if Poppy and Missy could talk they would tell me they are leaving home to live with you. The service you provide is superb.....when they come back from staying with you they are so relaxed and tired from all the exercise and fun they have had.'





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